Our most important goal is not to win you as our guest and to receive your booking. We believe that you should depart with the feeling that your stay was a fully satisfying experience which had everything you want in a holiday and that there was nothing you missed. This is why we put together this list that will help you find out what your personal expectations are so that you can let us know about them.


If you have booked half-board and you find out that you will be arriving late, please let us know. This will help us prepare for your arrival and we can, for instance, make you a light meal.


If you would like to give flowers to a person that you are traveling with, you can either have us buy them for you or call the flower shop “Blumen Stransky” in Mittenwald to have the fresh flowers delivered right to the Bichlerhof. For special occasions, we will gladly also order one of the wonderful miniature tortes from the cake shop “Konditorei Paula” or we can add a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne to your gift. If you would like to give a gift to a man, we recommend our special breakfast, e.g. with a gift voucher for a back massage.


Please note that you won’t have to bring bathrobes or towels for the sauna. We will provide you with everything you need for the time of your visit.


If you like to dance, the Bichlerhof is just the place for you. You can go out to dance and party at the “Richon” next door. They play a lot of evergreens and catchy songs. Even men who usually don’t like to dance will want to join in – we promise!! Anyone who would rather just eat some nice food and talk is best advised to visit the Josefikeller in the Alpenrose. We also play music here every night.


If you are fascinated and enticed by the mountains of Mittenwald but you have no experience in mountaineering, we will gladly see to it that we find an experienced mountain guide who will take your experience into account when exploring the area. Most importantly, your guide will make sure to bring you back to the Bichlerhof safe and sound.


If you give us a list of things that you would like us to buy for you, we will gladly see to it that your desired products are there when you leave us. This will help you have a hassle-free departure.


Our Mr Gerlach will come pick you up from the train station to bring you to the Bichelerhof if you wish. And he will gladly bring you and your luggage to the train station… Please let us know as soon as possible!


No matter if you would like to give a voucher for a holiday, a short trip, or a massage – call us and we will put together an individual voucher for you that is valid indefinitely.


Dear guests, we would be happy to receive your booking for half-board. We serve our dinner at 6:00 PM. If you stay for three nights or more, our three-course menu will only cost you €10 per person. It costs €12,50 for guests who are staying for one or two nights only.
You can also book your dinner flexibly for each individual day. The price for flexible dinner bookings depends on the respective menu but is €14,50 at most.


Our complementary therapist of choice, Ms Christiane Altmann Gieche, offers a variety of treatments.


If you would like to bring your four-legged best friend, you are very welcome to do so. We don’t charge an extra fee for dogs… but we would like to ask you to PLEASE make sure that you show enough consideration for other guests.


If you require your notebook during your stay, you can use our free Wi-Fi. We will also gladly contact our computer expert in case you need help with any IT issues. So far, he always knew what to do.


If you would like to make yourself or the person you are traveling with happy, we will gladly pick you up with our very own carriage pulled by Bicherhof owner Sepp Zunterer’s horses. We will bring you to the most beautiful places of the region… Let us know and we will arrange everything for you.


If you can’t take your children with you for an activity or if you would like to do something without them for a few hours, we will happily see to it that they are in good hands. We would, however, like to ask you to not leave your children with us if they are in a phase of stranger anxiety. Older children are also very welcome and in good hands with us.


We are convinced that we have the world-best massage therapist and the best prices! You should see for yourself.


We have ordered high-quality mattress casings from the manufacturer Greif, which are the very best casings that you will find on the market. Also, we exclusively use washable duvets and pillows so that you will never have to fear dust mites or allergic reactions.


If you are interested in a guided tour of the town, the violin museum or of our beautiful church, please let us know. We have just the right person who will guide you with enthusiasm and profound knowledge.


If you would like to visit the local peasant theater during your stay, we will gladly book you excellent seats if you let us know in advance. You don’t have to reserve a seat for the weekly welcome evening.


Our bike barn was opened on 1 May. It offers a shoe dryer and everything that you need when you come back from or continue your tour.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a bike rental of our own, but the Max Lochner’s “Bikerbahnhof” offers you perfectly equipped bikes for any purpose. No matter if you are looking for children’s bikes, women’s bikes, men’s bikes, or high-tech mountain bikes – you will surely find the right bike at a fair price. And if you fall in love with your trusted new companion, Mr Lochner will most likely make you an offer for an excellent deal to take it home!


If you need any kind of supplies, such as a raised toilet seat, a rollator, an electric wheelchair, or any other type of aid, you don’t need to bring yours all the way from at home. Please let us know exactly what you require and we will contact the medical supply store “Sanitätshaus Süßbauer” in Mittenwald so that they can deliver everything in time for your arrival.


If you love the snow but you have never been skiing before, don’t hesitate – we have just the solution for you! We will contact the skiing school “Skischule Öckler” and they will make sure that you have ideal equipment and see to it that you know what you have to do. No matter if you are looking learn in a group or if you prefer individual instruction, you will see great results… The lodge evening with the victory ceremony alone makes it an excellent idea to take part in the race at the end of the course.


If you pack your bags and realize that your favorite pair of shoes is not in a good shape, bring them anyway! Our favorite shoemaker, Silvia Gobel, will repair them and deliver them to your room.


Our Mr Gerlach will come pick you up from the train station to bring you to the Bichelerhof if you wish. And he will gladly take you and your luggage to the train station… Please let us know as early as possible!


You don’t want to have a pile of laundry lying around? No problem! We know a good laundry service that will wash a basket of laundry for as little as €10. Contact us. A bit of luxury improves your quality of life!


Sometimes you realize that you have left something at home only when you’re already on your way. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly buy whatever you require and put it in your room so that you don’t have to waste precious time. … For all questions you may have, special ideas, and feedback – here is our telephone number: 0049 8823 9190
Sincerly, Your Zunterer Family at the Bichlerhof


We are plan our packages with great care and an eye for detail. Stylish rooms, great food, and fun leisure activities.


Give an experience! With our gift vouchers, you can offer your friends, family, or your partner an unforgettable holiday.


To sum up the most important things, we have made a list from A to Z that will help you plan your stay.

Our Home is Your Holiday


Mittenwald is a place of long tradition that offers exclusive possibilities for leisure activities. The attractive pristine nature is a marvelous thing to see any time of year and is just waiting for you to discover its many faces. Let yourself be inspired by this lovely place and get an impression of the Bichlerhof and our region!

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